Lauren Pierre is a writer, freelance illustrator and colorist seeking agent representation for her young readers’ graphic novel projects, as well as illustration work. 


Lauren has happy childhood memories of running in the backyard with her siblings, learning about faith and the world around her, making arts & crafts with her mom, going on imagined adventures with her stuffed animals, and trying to figure out how to successfully jump into her favorite books and cartoons. These days she still enjoys learning new things and makes plenty of art, but has grown weary of stomping on books and crashing into TV screens. She decided that becoming an author-illustrator of children’s books would be a much better-- and far less painful-- use of her time!


Lauren lives in Florida with her family, where she entertains the local wildlife that like to come up to her window, pursues a degree in Liberal Arts, and never says no to a Disney vacation.


You can follow her on Twitter, where she frequently shares art and gushes about pop culture.

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